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Update of the EEL Trek project for the month of June 2019

1. On June 7 we gave a lecture on eels and the EEL Trek project in ExpoLab, a Ciência Viva Centre in Lagoa, São Miguel, integrated in their commemoration of the World Ocean Day. In the afternoon we organized an activity for the Clube de Ciências de Água de Pau, where 9 children, aged 12-13 years participated. They were taken to the field where traps were previously set by the University of Hull students working with us, George Cowan and Sara Ramallo. They saw the traps being raised and watched as the eels were measured and weighed. Those who showed interest got the opportunity to help with this.

2. For about two hours the kids were in the field, walked near the river and got an opportunity to see not only eels but also other species of fish and even freshwater shrimp.

3. The field work for glass eels migration continues by the hand of George and Sara. They are also collaborating with the electrical company (EDA) in the management of the eel trap they have at their Ribeira Quente dams.