© George Cowan


© George Cowan

Update of the EEL Trek project for the month of March 2019

1. A  contribution was sent to the Evaluation of the Eel Regulation, a survey by the European Commission to assess the measures for the recovery of the stock of the European eel under the Eel Regulation, and in particular the contribution of the Eel Management Plans established and implemented under Regulation (EC) No 1100 /2007.

2. Sampling for glass eels on river mouths of São Miguel Island has already started. In March we can only carry out one sampling tour per week, but work is expected to intensify next month, with glass eel traps installed on a more permanent basis.

a. A tiny 6,5 cm pigmented glass eels was captured at the mouth of Ribeira Quente (photos by Chris Xavas and David Fontes).

b. We have deployed several artificial refuges on our sampling sites, to try and increase the catches of glass eels.